Just "BElieve"  Mindfulness Diffuser w/cross

Just "BElieve" Mindfulness Diffuser w/cross

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The "Just BE" ManifestLET is a wearable reminder to get out of your head and into the Present, the only place that joy, connection and success exist! 

Each time you notice yourself getting lost in the stories of the past or worries of the future, simply return to the Present by


  • focusing on the anchor stone
  • feeling or smelling the naturally grounding lava beads 
  • use one of the Mindful Breathing practices included with your purchase. 

Each handmade bracelet includes: a focus stone of your choosing arranged to remind you to be here now along with a lava stone for essential oils. Each ManifestLET is unique and specially made for you by local students and stay-at-home moms.